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Are you confused about the 'Red Flags Rule'?
Don't be—you've found the right place!


Identity theft is the number one crime in the country today and has been the largest source of financial loss to businesses and consumers over the last five years. Previously, only unreliable and confusing identity theft prevention services were available to combat the problem, leaving dealers vulnerable to thousands of dollars in lost profits.

Not anymore. Introducing SmartID

Smart ID is the only proactive system of stopping identity fraud at the source—at the point of purchase. Other services rely on complex algorithms or confusing risk models to identify the possibility of fraud. This creates inaccurate information that doesn't protect your dealership and, in some troubling cases, can actually 'verify' fraudulent information! Some so-called solutions offer even less—they only verify the existence of an identity—not that it belongs to the person applying for credit!

Identity verification is now required by the Red Flag Rule and SmartID makes compliance easy.

Smart ID offers more. This easy-to-use, online system takes the guesswork out of identity verification. In fact, the system is so comprehensive and so accurate that it goes beyond identity verification to true identity authentication. It's revolutionary.

Get smart about identity theft and get Smart ID. Learn more.

Don't think identity fraud is that big of a deal? Neither did these dealers.

OFAC Compliance is Easy with is the original PATRIOT ACT compliance service—the first to respond and create an easy OFAC compliance solution for franchise auto dealers after the signing of the PATRIOT ACT in 2001.

An industry expert, and still the most recognized name in compliance, is committed to providing auto dealers immediate service and support. Our online solution is easy to use, with instant search results and a Dealer Services Department that is available to assist you during all steps of your policy implementation and compliance enactment until Midnight (EST) every day. Compliance shouldn't complicate vehicle deliveries—and with, it won't have to.

Learn more from our demo, take a free trial, contact us with any questions or sign up now to begin safeguarding your dealership today.